· Many numbers in the Hebrew language tend to have a deeper meaning. Three, shelosh [f.], sheloshah [m.] means harmony, new life, and completeness. The number three appears in …

The number 3's creative expression has additional related meanings. The energy the number 3 represents includes imagination, effective communication, tolerance, joyfulness, optimism, and dynamism. In social situations with a 3 present, others find their energy and outlook on life uplifted, their inner creativeness awakened, their future looking brighter.

The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 3. The number 3 is used 467 times in the Bible. It pictures completeness, though to a lesser degree than 7. The meaning of this number derives from the fact that it is the first of four spiritually perfect numerals (the others being 7, 10 and 12). The 3 righteous patriarchs before the flood were Abel, Enoch and Noah.

What does the number 3 mean in Greek mythology? Three cockerels herald the start of Ragnarök. There are three Norns. And Greek mythology gets in on the act. The three brothers, Zeus (the sky), Poseidon (the seas), and Hades (the underworld), divide up the world between them. The Three Fates, Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos, govern …

The number three, therefore, must be taken as the number of Divine fulness. It signifies and represents the Holy Spirit as taking of the things of Christ and making them real and solid in our experience. It is only by the Spirit that we realise spiritual things.


 · In some cases, Three represents a boundary, for example, ‘San Jia’ means the top three in a race, competition or examination. And ‘San Fu’ refers to the three periods of hottest days in a year when it is used to talk about weather. Moreover, Three has its origin in Confucianism and Taoism.

6 Being one less than seven, which often represents completeness, six can stand for something incomplete or imperfect or something associated with God’s enemies. —1 Chronicles 20:6; Daniel 3:1; Revelation 13:18. 7 This number is often used to represent the idea of completeness. For instance, the Israelites were commanded by God to march ...

3. Between two groups, may mean that the first one is a proper subgroup of the second one. > 1. Strict inequality between two numbers; means and is read as "greater than". 2. Commonly used for denoting any strict order. 3. Between two groups, may mean that …


 · Number 3: symbol of equilibrium and trinity, which confers on it a spiritual and even divine character. Number 4 : symbol of the material and terrestrial world.